Keysoft Solutions 交通管理和景观设计App

Keysoft Solutions 交通管理和景观设计App

Keysoft Solutions专门开发基于交通管理和景观设计的App,包含了KiSpice业务和KiSoCo景观,是MicroSoft和Autodesk的合作伙伴。App列表包括

Traffic Management Software交通管理App

Landscape Design Software景观设计App

Traffic Signal design software交通信号设计App

Tree survey software树木调查App

Ground Modelling Software地面建模App

Accident Analysis software事故分析App

Parking Layout Software停车场规划App

Ordnance Survey Mapping in AutoCAD? AutoCAD中的兵器测绘图

BIM traffic management? BIM交通管理

Road Sign Design Software路标设计App

Sign Structure Software符号结构App

Road Marking Software道路标线App


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